My name is Elaine Tyley and my passion is to educate and enable people to understand their horses, to ask the question WHY?

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My name is Elaine Tyley and my passion is to educate and enable people to understand their horses. To ask the question WHY? Why is my horse behaving in this way. If you know the answer then you can learn to understand your horse and improve your relationship.

How many times have you been told:

"That Horse needs to be taught a lesson"

"Give it a good hiding and show him who is boss"

"They dont feel anything"

These are just a few phrases, but if you are reading this web-site you have a horse with a problem. Or maybe even a relationship problem between the two of you.  You must be thinking there has to be another way, if only they could talk. There is another way and they can talk through me they are talking to you now loud and clear - the buck, kick, bite, behaviour problems, stress and anxiety. You have taken the first step now take the second, once your horse has been treated questions will be answered and problems solved. 

I am based in the beautiful Piddle Valley in the rolling Dorset hills but I travel all over the uk.  I am a natural Equine Healer and Communicator ever since I can remember I have heard animals. My healing ability I inherited from my Grandmother, but it took years for me to put it all together. I spent 12 years studying our beautiful equines.  Their spirit, communication, beauty and their herd dynamics much can be learnt from these higher beings and mother nature and the beauty around us. Learn to be in the moment with your horse and connect feel their energy, a beautiful place to be no thoughts so no emotions just the purity of nature and the most beautiful partnership between man and horse. 

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1.Weaning from my mum can be hard - please be kind - weaning over a period of time is kinder than just taking me and locking me in a stable.
2. Please do not expect me to understand your ever command from field of friends to stable and human is a huge step - please be kind.
3. Horses communicate with energy, love and understanding it can be learnt by humans if you would take the time - please be kind.
4. The human voice is harsh and loud, often angry, if I do not understand your human ways does this make me wrong? - please be kind.
5. Saddles, bridles, injections, teeth being rasped all a lot for a young one to take in. Please be kind.
6. The work is going well I have learnt the human language! then a lorry and a cheque and a whole new set of rules. Please be kind.
7.Will you love cherish and form a bond with me stronger than anything else you have ever known? My life is likely to last 20-30 years separation from you and my friends will be hard - please be kind.
8. Will you learn my way the horses voice? the horses energy? and partner me on our life's journey? 
9. My way where there is no need for whips, spurs and brutality and humans dominating horses but a partnership the meeting of minds and a journey, destination unknown. But a journey that can be beautiful and sad, for life is our journey and if we ride it together we can both be kind.
10. Will you be there at the end? we will know when the time is right, my journey will be at an end but yours can continue with all that I have taught you, it will be time for you to be kind to another and continue your journey..






Mind totally blown away today. had an animal communicator come visit our lovely horses at the yard :))